As an Administrator of your organization, you have the ability to Masquerade as your Users. From the Manage Organization section under Account Info, you have the ability to login as a specific user and see how this specific user is using the Sensor Tower Platform. This way you can view what custom alerts, bookmarks, tracked keywords, tracked apps, and connected credentials your users have. This is also useful to help out your users on more complicated uses of the platform. When you Masquerade as a user, you are logging into their account, so any changes you make for them will carry over into their account.

To Masquerade as a User, navigate to their email within Account Info > Manage Organization > Manage Company Users and click on the icon in-between the Role and Status columns.

From there you are logged into your User’s account and any change you make from there on out will affect their account. To discontinue masquerading as the user, you must click on their email in the top right-hand corner and Logout of their account and log back into your own account.

Interested in Managing your Users? View our help document here.

Please contact with any questions.