The My Sales Metrics and My App Analytics modules allow you to sync your iTunes Connect and Google Play Developer Accounts with Sensor Tower so that you can conveniently view and analyze all your relevant performance statistics in one platform. Quickly navigate between your Downloads and Revenue data and other key metrics such as Category Rankings and Keyword Rankings.

These features allow you to explore and compare data from the app store's platforms and Sensor Tower's platform without leaving Sensor Tower.

My Sales Metrics lets you effortlessly view downloads and revenue data for your own apps. You can visualize this data by country, publisher, device, and app. Simply switch between these criteria in the left-hand navigation.

This feature is available for both iTunes Connect and Google Play Developer accounts. 

To customize your favorite view of the column charts, you can easily navigate to the Plot Type and click on the dropdown menu in top right corner. Then select from list below: 

Stacked Column Charts is our newest plot type feature and allows users to see a graphical representation of data overlapped on top of each other. These columns make it easier to visually compare multiple apps in a neat and organized manner.

*Note: Column Charts are also available in Store Intelligence and Usage Intelligence