Sensor Tower’s App Intelligence product allows you to connect your App Store Connect account to the platform, so that you can pull in your Sales metrics and other useful analytics data. This way you can track how well your apps are doing, all within the same platform. You can then run analytics on this data alongside Sensor Tower’s in an easy to use interface.

Because of recent changes to Apple Developer security processes, you may need to use multi-step or multi-factor authentication to connect your App Store Connect account to Sensor Tower. In this document, we’ll walk through through that process. 

Note: For the time being, this sign-in will expire after 30 days. We recommend creating a new user that does not require two-factor authentication. Details available here.

Sign in to, click on your account name in the top-right corner, and then click on Credentials.

On the Credentials page, click Add Credentials.

On the Connect Your Accounts modal, click Add App Store Account.

Enter the App Store account email and password, then click Continue.

If there are trusted devices associated with your Apple ID, all of those devices will receive a push notification with a six-digit verification code. On an macOS device, it will look like this:

And on an iOS device, it will look like this:

For either type of notification, select Allow to access the verification code.

If your Apple ID doesn't have trusted devices, it may have trusted phone numbers. If there is only one trusted phone number, the verification code will be sent to that number in an SMS. If there is more than one trusted phone number, you will need to select a phone number you have access to from a list, and click Continue to trigger Apple sending the verification code to that phone number:

Once you have the verification code, enter it here and click Continue.

That’s it! Sensor Tower has been added to your App Store Connect account.