Usage Intelligence's new feature called App Overlap gives you insight into what apps people are using in-conjunction with other apps. App Overlap uses the Increased Chance of Use metric, which shows how much more likely this app is to be used by these users compared to the typical user.

App Overlap gives you understanding into both:

  1. Other apps whose users are more likely to use your app.
  2. Your own app and which apps your users are more likely to use.

The Other App section shows Apps whose Users are more likely to use the selected app. In the example below, Omlet Arcade Users have a 50% increased chance of using Fortnite than the typical user

The My App section of App Overlap shows Apps that the Users are more likely to use than the typical user. In the example below, Fortnite users have a 58% increased chance of using Snapchat than the typical user.

For more information or if you have any questions, please email: