Sometimes our site may be a little slow or have some issues loading certain pages which is usually caused by the specific browser and whether or not we support it.

These are the official browser support guidelines for the Sensor Tower platform. We aim to offer support for most browsers, and we always strive to improve our product. The "Currently Supported Versions" column may be updated as we continue to support future browser versions, but the "Formula" column is the most reliable when determining if your browser is support for our platform.

Officially supported browsers:

BrowserFormulaCurrently Supported Versions
Apple Safarilatest 2 majors + latest minor11, 12, 12.1.1
Google Chromelatest 2 versions74, 75
Microsoft Edgelatest 2 versions13, 14
Microsoft IEversion 11 only11
Mozilla Firefoxcurrent ESR + latest 2 versions68.0esr, 67, 68,

If you have any specific questions, please reach out to