NOTE: This article is for specifically Custom Alerts for Categories. For a general overview of Custom Alerts please follow this link. 

What are Category Custom Alerts?

Category Alerts are similar to App and Publisher alerts, however instead of selecting one or a few apps/publishers, you can instead be notified on all apps within a given category or filter setting. This gives you a lot more power to get notified on entire categories and which apps may be the major players in each one. These alerts can even provide information on some apps you may not even be aware of yet.

(The initial Category Alert page shows a lot of filters you can narrow your search down by.)

With Category Alerts, you can get the exact information you want to see by using a large number of filters to narrow down the selection of apps from each major category. Each Category Custom Alert can track up to 10,000 apps at a time, so we added these filters to help narrow down the exact 10,000 (or fewer) apps you'd like to be alerted:

  1. Category
    1. A Category Alert wouldn't be a category alert without allowing you to select which category you want to be alerted on. Select any of the Apple App Store or Google Play Store categories to filter down which apps you'd like to see.
  2. Custom and Global Fields (For more on Custom/Global Fields click here)
    1. Global Fields are where you can further filter down apps in a category using Sensor Tower's managed filters. Select from over 50 Global Filters available to you including Publisher Country, Last 30 Day Downloads, Currently Soft Launched, and Stock Ticker. (For a full list of Global Fields available to you ensure you are logged in to Sensor Tower and click here.) These allow you to remove any apps that don't meet any criteria of your choosing, and narrow this Custom Alert to only apps within certain bounds. 
    2. Custom Fields are where you can further filter down apps in a category by your own managed filters. Once you build a custom field to group apps into custom groupings, you can then use these groupings as your Category Alert filters as well. 
    3. NOTE: Only a few Global fields will appear on the first page. You may click "Display All Fields" to view the current list of fields available to you. If you'd like to customize this list you may click "Manage Fields".
  3. Additional Filters
    1. We've also added a few additional filters to help you narrow down exactly which apps you'd like to be alerted on. These are completely customizable filters that you can choose to turn on or off anytime.
      1. Last Month Downloads (Worldwide)
      2. Last Month Revenue (Worldwide)
      3. All Time Downloads (Worldwide)
      4. All Time Revenue (Worldwide)
      5. App Release Date (Worldwide)
      6. Publisher Country
    2. This section will allow you to choose whether or not you want to see apps with greater than, less than, or equal to a specific number of downloads or revenue. 

With these three methods of filtering apps, you can obtain the exact type of apps you are interested in AND THEN choose what metric you'd like to track for those apps. Similar to App and Publisher Custom Alerts, you can select up to 55 different metrics to be alerted on for your grouping of apps.

If you have any further questions about Custom Alerts, please don't hesitate to reach out to