Top SDKs measures the developer adoption and install base of SDKs across the entire market. at a cumulative view of detected SDKs. It works cumulatively, by looking at SDKs detected across all apps supported by App Teardown. You can apply filters to that list of apps to generate insights that are relevant to you. You can select the App Store or Google Play, filter by app Category and Device, SDK Type, and even apply your own Custom Fields. For example, you might want to look at the top SDKs used in Photography apps for iPad, or top Advertising SDKs present in Card Games that you’ve tagged as a competitor.

The table on Top SDKs shows the percentage of apps that have a given SDK. Then it calculates the downloads and revenue in the last calendar month that is associated with apps with the given SDK. The percentage of downloads and revenue is out of the total downloads and revenue of all the apps that were included in the filters applied above. Since most apps tend to have multiple SDKs, the percentages in a column will usually add up to well over 100%.