Sensor Tower now supports secure sign-on through Okta. If your IT or business unit relies on Okta for secure device management, your teams will now be able to safely and easily access Sensor Tower on issued devices through a single sign-on process.

Please see implementation and log-in steps below. Log in to Okta here

How to Implement Okta SSO

Members of your team with administrative access must first add the Sensor Tower application to your company’s OKTA account. Once that’s complete, your team will be able to implement Okta SSO for your Sensor Tower Enterprise account.

  1. Add Sensor Tower to your Okta Account

Access Okta’s Applications page, search for Sensor Tower in the Application Search field, and select ‘Add Application.’

  1. Configure SSO Settings

Follow Okta’s configuration panel to your team’s preferred settings. We recommend that you label the app “Sensor Tower” for your own personal reference.

  1. Select ‘OpenConnect ID’ as your preferred SSO

Once you click ‘Done,’ Sensor Tower will be added to your list of Okta applications.

  1. Assign Relevant People or Groups to Sensor Tower within Okta

In order for SSO to be implemented correctly, you must add users to both your Okta account and Sensor Tower account separately. Make sure that all Sensor Tower seats are accounted for, as those who are not added will not be able to access Sensor Tower.

  1. Send your Okta Domain, Client ID, and Client Secret to your Sensor Tower Account Manager. 
    Currently, Sensor Tower does not have an interface for self-service credentialing on our website. Your Sensor Tower AM will be able to coordinate with you to finalize implementation.

From this point, all of your available Sensor Tower seats should be able to use SSO through their designated Okta dashboard. If you run into any technical difficulties, please reach out to Sensor Tower’s Customer Success Team. 

How to Log In Through Okta

Once your Sensor Tower account has been added to Okta, your team can log in through Okta’s Apps page. No additional configuration or authorization will be required.